Internet Services

Download Residential DSL Application Here

Download Business DSL Application Here

DSL speeds available:

     3 Meg  |  $35.95

     6 Meg  |  $53.95

   12 Meg  |  $69.95

   24 Meg  |  $79.95

These speeds are not guaranteed, they are subject to your location. 


Please contact our office at 522-9211 with questions or stop in and complete the required form for installation.

DSL Installation fee | $15.00

A modem will be supplied at the time of DSL installation. Phone service is required for BMTC internet service.

Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative Restore

Internet Freedom Statement

As an ISP, Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative (Brooklyn) has never blocked websites, nor censored online content, nor throttled or degraded ISP traffic based on the content. Nor has Brooklyn unfairly discriminated in the treatment of internet traffic. The principles presented in the FCC’s 2010 Open Internet Order are fully supported by Brooklyn and our affiliates.

Network Management

129 Jackson St  |  PO Box 513  |  Brooklyn, IA 52211-0513

P: 641.522.9211  |  F:  641.522.5001

Trouble After Hours:  877.610.0330

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